GaN C- to X-band Quasi-MMIC High Power Amplifiers



MEC has successfully designed GaN-based Quasi-MMIC HPAs for different customers.

Their characteristics are:

  • GaN Power Bars (can be chosen from different vendors) + MMIC passive only matching networks
  • Full-matching (to the system reference impedance)
  • Easy DC to RF decoupling
  • Very Compact dimension compared to Hybrid Pallet Amplifiers
  • Broader frequency bandwidth compared to Hybrid Pallet Amplifiers
  • Suitable to be integrated in very compact SSPA schemes
  • Lower Cost compared to full MMIC
  • Faster Time to Production compared to full MMIC

Typical achieved performance on previously designed Quasi-MMIC HPAs at X-band.

Data FilePart NumberDescriptionPackageFrequency
Bias Current
Bias Voltage
Output @Max PAE
MECXQMM20W20 Watt X BandQMMIC8.2 - 10.4129003043.540
MECXQMM50W50 Watt X BandQMMIC7.8 - 9.51222003047.035
pdfMECXQMM60W60 Watt X BandQMMIC8.3 - 10.31115003047.833
pdfMECXQMM70W70 Watt X BandQMMIC8.4 - 9.812.515003048.140

Contact us if you need more details.

GaN X-band 3-stage Solid State Pallet Amplifier

Example of complex 3-stage SSPA exploiting

  • 1st Stage: 1 x MECXQMM-20W Quasi-MMIC PA
  • 2nd Stage: 3 x MECXQMM-20W Quasi-MMIC HPAs
  • 3rd Stage: 3 x MECXQMM-50W Quasi-MMIC HPAs

combined in a very small area. Peak output power of 140W with 30% overall PAE can be achieved in a 15% relative bandwidth at X band.