Advanced EM Simulations and Modelling

MEC key personnel is very skilled in performing EM simulations of complex passive circuit structures. Contact us when you need:

  • EM simulations of planar passive networks (matching networks, filters, etc.)
  • EM-based database in passive circuit elements (microstrip lines, microstrip discontinuities, lumped circuit elements) of any planar technology

We are also able to identify and validate an advanced EM-based active device model:

  • Accurate active device periphery scaling
  • Accurate frequency extrapolation capabilities
  • Useful to extend both scalability and highest frequency of validity of existent foundry models
  • Useful to select the best device active periphery to specific application
  • Useful to simulate complex device layouts (ex. Cascode-connected transistors, feedback structures, powerbars, complex combining structures)
  • It is available in many different forms (Fully distributed scalable model, Compact distributed scalable model, Equivalent Circuit scalable model)

Feel free to contact us for further technical details about advanced simulations and modelling.


Reverse Engineering Services

Thanks to our key personnel expertise in performing advanced circuit and EM simulations of MMIC and Modules we are able to help you out when you need Reverse Engineering actions.

Contact us  in case your manufactured MMIC or Module does not meet your desired requirements: we are able to match the experimental data exploiting advanced simulations and suggest the most appropriate countermeasures for a successful re-design for the next foundry run.