MEC has successfully designed microwave subsystem modules for a number of customers. We work with our customers’ system engineers to define specifications and functionality, and design modules to optimize performance of the overall subsystem.

Our design experience extends into many applications. We have designed and prototyped an L-band GaAs high power amplification lineup for SAR systems which has recently translated into production for our customer. Other prototypes have been designed at L-, S-, C- bands using both GaAs and GaN technologies. Our developed IP in high power amplification modules allows us to rapidly develop highly customized solutions for our customers.


Module Design Services

  • GaAs and GaN expertise
  • Foundry selection
  • Customization of active devices when needed (ex. Powerbar configuration and prematching)
  • Design of matching and interconnecting circuits in very different technologies (such as High Frequency Laminates, Thin Film processing on Alumina and High DK materials, LTCC)
  • Module Packaging Design
  • Power Conditioning Circuits Design (High power pulsing and Optimal biasing)
  • Module Engineering for Production


GaN Micro-Module Design Service